“I work with clay...
elements derived from the earth...
forms created through rhythm
and motion.

Like the process that completes my work...
it fires me up...
keeps my inner fire burning 
and sets my soul free.”
~ Barbara Wesson

In my past life I have worked as a Groundskeeper a Zookeeper and Wildlife Rehabilitator before becoming a full time Mother .

I now find myself in transitional period of my life, a place where I am searching for myself and the strength, wisdom and insight to see the world as it really is.

This inner journey began when I returned to my  true love..mud.

I am basically self taught and have been fortunate in being able to attend some stellar workshops at Sierra Nevada college . Don Ellis and Randy Broadnax stole my heart and set me on my path. Randy said that he were goin to make me a potterette, and bless that man, he did !

So here I am today living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains playin in the mud . Its a life worth living...

"Barbara Wesson, a maestro at mixing earth tone colors
and clay formations that bring her pottery to life
to ignite the senses."
Becky Bell, editor - Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture