Looking back at past posts its best to start a new...

I know we all can relate to the title of this post.

Its a matter of clarity of mind to keep things in perspective.

Easier said than done at time.

Decided to leave this vase that went to the Urban Outfitters Grand Openings LA store
to leave something here.

So with that...

To anyone who may happen by
I'd like to let you know that Im busy working on new things.

I have just opened a shop on Houzz and Amazon ,
both under Letsgetmuddy
and I cant for the life of me figure out how to link them to this blog.

Figure getting thing in the shops
is more important than bragging
that there are new shops to put them in.

in the meantime..

I wish you
and all you love
the very best
this New Year.

All dogs agree its good to go for a morning walk....

Lisa Warren in Reno was walking her dogs Sunday morning and caught this image of the Meteor .

According to an article in our local paper The Tahoe Daily Tribune Dan Ruby , the associate director of the 
Fleishchmann Planetarium in Reno, says that
scientists estimate the meteor broke up 5 - 10 miles above the Sierra and was likely just '' a little bigger than a washing machine.''

Several witnesses reported seeing the meteor land just over the next ridge, but the object explored somewhere over Tuolumne County.

A meteorite that exploded as a fireball over California’s Sierra Nevada foothills April 22 and heard throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin was among the fastest, rarest meteorites known to have hit the Earth, and it traveled a highly eccentric orbital route to get here.
An international team of scientists presents these and other findings in a study published Friday, Dec. 21, in the journal Science. The 70-member team included nine researchers from UC Davis, along with scientists from the SETI Institute, NASA and other institutions.

This came from