New and improved peep holes

Ill avoid talking about my moving the sections of my electric kiln with the hoist for the moment  and share something Im really excited about, the new peep holes on my frame for my new raku kiln !

The door to the kiln measures about 42 x 35 inches and the peephole itself is a double door that measures 26 x 14 inches and it has magnets to hold it closed. Since the opening is so large and easy to access I can put smaller pieces with glazes that mature at lower temperatures than the rest of the load inside of the peep hole door and pull them out as they mature while monitoring the rest of the load in the kiln.

I have given up on the propane company . I tore down my wire fencing and waited for this ..... person to show up with my tank and nothing. For all the phone conversations and trips out to my house to look at my yard Im sure that the job could have been done...but what do I know ?

I hate the days I have wasted digging that trench and waiting on this clown, the pots I could have made...time in my life that has essentially been stolen.

There is a new plan.....I love people who can figure things out! My friend who built the frame for this awesome kiln is going to design a propane perambulator for me to tote a 100 lb tank about. Solves my problem. Solves several problems really. I fell short getting my kiln yard put together in the fall since as I ran out of time and every thing was dependent on where the tank would be set . I wasnt very excited by the thought of having a huge propane tank being the focal point of my back yard since this is where the no show character was wanting to put it . Now I can put my kilns where they will work best and be able to move the tank around without any problem. This tank moving machine will lift it up to the bed of my truck as well...sweet.