All dogs agree its good to go for a morning walk....

Lisa Warren in Reno was walking her dogs Sunday morning and caught this image of the Meteor .

According to an article in our local paper The Tahoe Daily Tribune Dan Ruby , the associate director of the 
Fleishchmann Planetarium in Reno, says that
scientists estimate the meteor broke up 5 - 10 miles above the Sierra and was likely just '' a little bigger than a washing machine.''

Several witnesses reported seeing the meteor land just over the next ridge, but the object explored somewhere over Tuolumne County.

A meteorite that exploded as a fireball over California’s Sierra Nevada foothills April 22 and heard throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin was among the fastest, rarest meteorites known to have hit the Earth, and it traveled a highly eccentric orbital route to get here.
An international team of scientists presents these and other findings in a study published Friday, Dec. 21, in the journal Science. The 70-member team included nine researchers from UC Davis, along with scientists from the SETI Institute, NASA and other institutions.

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