The Little engine that could

In all honesty my mantra the last couple months hasn't always been '' I think I can... I think I can ", its been more like a stream of obscenities and self doubt.
Im rather surprised that my tenacity, (Or is it a tendency to be obstinate ?) is paying off!

The frame for my new raku kiln has arrived!
I have to modify my tiny peep hole that is hardly noticeable in the top 1/3 of the kilns door.Its a visual process to gauge the maturity of the glaze . I didnt think this through enough.This is the first kiln I've designed and it was hard to visualize , even with the help of a cardboard mock up . I remember the telephone conversation where the original dimensions were enlarged to get the most we could from the material , I could have had a taller chamber which in hindsight I wish I had of done, making the legs a bit shorter to compensate for the space taken in the bottom of the kiln for the burner and bottom shelves.All in all the final scale of the kiln  is several cubic feet larger than my original plan.

Rumor has it that a 300 gallon propane tank could arrive Friday ! This is a huge relief since snow is finally in our forecast and I was going to invest in more small tanks that Id have to drag through the snow !

Now if I could only figure out how to keep my font from changing while trying to write a post!

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