Seven months later...

My custom kiln is working !
This has been a bit of a nightmare.
No has been a nightmare, it's just drug out so long the feeling of being trapped on this roller coaster from hell has become familiar.
But now this ride is over and I can move on.

Im thankful for all Ive learned about assumptions I make, my own inhibitions, the construction of this amazing kiln , the shortcuts companies make to save a buck and greed in general.

Now I can move on to glaze testing... the reason for my choosing this kiln  in the first place.

This kiln is an L@L Jupiter JD-2945-3 pull apart ...with a hinge...sorta special...and it has the new e-quad elements. This thing is a beast! It is 17 cubic feet inside with all the rings put on. The 9 inch rings can be added or removed to make the kiln whatever size you want. the pull apart option is a design for sculpture work as its easier to put a large piece onto the base of the kiln and add the rings than to try to lower a large piece into a deep kiln.
I was wooed by the pull apart option because I want to test glazes and the small Cress kiln I have doesn't heat evenly where this L@L will.

I have an engine hoist to move the sections.
A friend helped me assemble it for the first firing so today will be the first time Im flying solo and  useing the hoist ...Im assuming  ....humm there's that word again.. I have this figured out. But Im probably going to have to tweak a few things ... there's no way Im going to get lucky and have this work the first try.

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